New Horizon College, Minna

Spoken Word Poetry : 
The Masterclass

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With Maryam Bukar Hassan (Alhanislam)

What's included?

Listen to the Expert

Maryam (alhanislam) delivers a masterpiece in this course. 

Great Contents

With excellent Videos, Animations, Quizzes and Exercises, to make your learning impactful.

Graded Assignments

Also, Alhanislam will personally review all assessments and provide feedback.

Satisfaction guaranteed

And we believe you will have an exceptional learning journey. 

Elevate your confidence

Which will build your confidence and self esteem.

New Horizon Special Discount 

And all of these come with up to 80% discount. We will also throw in 2 courses for free. 

The Courses

In addition to the Poetry Course, we are adding 2 Bonus Courses for NHC Students. Pay just $20 (or N5,700.00) and be enrolled for all three courses. 

Building bright and confident students for the future

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