Child Abuse: What you Need to Know

  • Author: Halima A. Oneyekehi 
  • Level: Basic
  • Access: Lifetime
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Course overview
This course teaches everything you should know to about a child that deserves to be loved, pampered and cared for.  
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More About this course

We must address the root causes of these issues, which requires us to look inwardly. You will agree with me that the majority of the mental and emotional deficiency that is associated with an adult has a lot to do with their upbringing; most especially the conditions that surround their growing up. We are eventually the sum of actions and machinations of our parents or guardians which took place during our formative years.

To begin, we need to understand what exactly child abuse is. Child Abuse can be put as, any form of unpleasant treatment and behavior towards a child by an adult who may be violent or threatening to the well-being of the child.

The act of child abuse occurs when a child is purposely put at risk of harm by another person. It is not only when you slap or beat a child; however, it includes neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, and emotional abuse. In this book, we shall expand each one for our understanding.

Take-away from this Course

  • They will know what child abuse, physical and sexual abuse is
  • Child begging and the causes of child labour
  • Learn about child trafficking
  • Why children abuse drugs?

Course Lessons

Halima A. Onyekehi 

She is a child speaker and advocate who has earned for herself an audience all over the world. She is an advocate of proper upbringing for her age. Halima has spoken on several platforms where she has raised her voice on the issue bothering the welfare of children.
She has delivered speeches on girl child rights at several public functions including the Kogi state Independence Day event, TEDxOkene, international Girl Child event organized by AIT, NTA programs, Northern Nigeria Award, Ned Nwoko Zero Malaria Project, and many more, she has been involved in several debates in and out of her school. She is motivated by her respect for human rights especially the Girl Child rights.