Email and SMS Marketing

The advent of social media has somewhat caused us to forget the importance of Email and SMS marketing. This course aims to remind us about the power and relevance of these marketing tools, at the same time showing us how to use them to achieve business success.
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What's Included

  • 6 Modules
  • Certification
  • Assessment
  • 11 Videos
  • 7 eBooks

About this course

In this course, you will learn about Email and SMS as a tool for marketing, focusing on the benefits and challenges of each one while providing marketing strategies and how to apply them.


This course will give you tips on how to be an Email and SMS marketing pro and what to do to achieve the quality that will satisfy both you and the customer.
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Email (Electronic mail) marketing is digital marketing that focuses on sending emails and establishing connections with existing and prospective customers.

SMS marketing (Short Message Service) is a technique that allows businesses to send messages via text to customers.

Any email sent to a customer could be considered email marketing. This course will help you understand the metrics you can use to evaluate your email and SMS marketing performance.
You'll learn:
  • Digital marketing awareness

  • Benefits of Email and SMS marketing

  • Email and SMS marketing campaigns
  • The tips for successful Email and SMS marketing

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