Education Reform: Research Tools

  • Author: Michael Asogwa
  • Level: Intermediate
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Course overview
Education is one of the most important sectors in every economy and that is why it is very important to maintain the quality and efficiency of this sector. Now what if there are lapses in this sector and it needs to be reformed? This course is here to guide you on ways this sector can be reformed.
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Education is an important sector in any economy, and the quality of education given to students has to be maintained. This course looks into the education reform research tools explaining the ways to improve it.

A set of development consulting tools used to reform the education sector. This course points out the problems in the education sector, how to solve them, and how to develop strategies that will make them better. 

This course compares the education outcome within the public and private schools, examining the performance of the teachers, the students and the various ways quality can be attained in the education sector. 
At the end of this course, you will have gained the following 
  • The need to reform the education sector
  • Knowledge on comparative analysis
  • A better understanding of education research tools
Happy Learning. 

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Michael Asogwa

A Seasoned human resource consultant with vast experience in training and capacity building capacity building and recruitment. Past work experience includes working with the world bank on statistics regarding education reform.  
Patrick Jones - Course author