Mastering Confident Presentations

Every step of your profession necessitates the development of presentation abilities. Giving presentations is one of the most prevalent phobias, despite the fact that it is often a key point in your career. This presentation skills course is ideal for anyone who wants to be calm and confident when speaking in front of a group of peers (or a huge audience!).


Subulola Oduba

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A Snippet of the Course

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In this course, you'll discover practical tactics for overcoming presenting anxieties (such as self-talk and audience engagement skills), speaking without notes, and coping with typical issues that many public speakers confront. You will be calm, composed, well-prepared, and confident that the audience will understand and appreciate your presentation after completing this course.
In fact, you'll be the day's most memorable speaker! We look at a variety of real-life presenting skills examples (some of which will undoubtedly make you chuckle) and provide you with practical strategies that you can apply right now to improve your presentation results.

Key Takeaway

At the end of these course, you would have learnt the following:
  • How to plan and structure your presentations effectively, including choosing the right content, organizing your ideas, and creating a clear and compelling message.
  • How to use your voice effectively to engage your audience and convey your message, including tone, pace, and projection.
  • How monetize your skill in presentation.

Meet Your Instructor

Subolola Oduba

Subolola Oduba is a TV presenter and the first face to introduce the world to the Super Screen Television Station in 2001 (Presenter hanging out with Lola super trends on super Screen Tv). She then became the first executive producer of Exposa with Lola, which aired on numerous Nigerian  stations. She was adjured Nigeria television role model and was called one of Naija young successful women in the year 2007 by Linda Ikeji Blog.  Truelove magazine also named her one of Nigeria's top television producers in 2007. Her hobbies include meeting new people, traveling, and reading. She is passionate about new ideas and pushing herself to be the best she can be. She is a mother, sister, and mentor.
Subulola Oduba