Food Chronicles with A

Even if you are clueless about cooking, this course gives the skills and motivation to prepare and cook easy meals. Taught using a step-by-step approach. You’ll be able to confidently serve up easy and delicious lasagna, as well as refreshing mocktails for yourself and your loved ones.

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What's Included 

  • 2 Modules
  • Certification
  • 5 Questions
  • 11 Videos

About this course

Like building blocks, This course teaches easy recipes piece by piece until you can make them yourself. Learn how to make scrumptious hotdogs, lasagna, and refreshing drinks. 


This course is all about being able to make delicious dishes that you would be proud of, you will be equipped with practical knowledge and have a better understanding of basic cooking concepts. Cooking is simpler than you can imagine, become a self-confident cook with recipes and guidelines.
Even if you don't know anything about cooking, this course gives you the skills and motivation to prepare and cook easy meals, taught in a basic step-by-step approach. From making yummy stuffed hotdogs to lasagna and refreshing mocktails this course enlightens you to cook for yourself and your loved ones
You'll learn 
  • Stuffed hotdogs 
  • Lasagna 
  • Virgin mojito
  • Chapman drink 

    Happy learning. 

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Aisha Mustapha Saulawa

She's super intelligent and creative and has been has been cooking since she was 7 years old here, she offers her knowledge and shares recipes that you can easily replicate by yourself.