How to Author Your Own Book 

  • Author: Joy Idoko
  • Level: Basic
  • Access: 1 year
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Course Overview
This course is designed for anyone who wants to author a book or who wants to be an author. The course will equip you with the necessary tools to achieve your goal. 
What's Included
  • 29 videos
  • Certificate of completion
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The course is divided into three parts - The Pre-Creation, The creation and The Post-Creation. The six-module course will focus on aspects of creating your content and writing your book. It will help you discover, perfect, and share your own voice as an author. It will also take you through everything you need to consider when publishing your book.

Learn from the Best

Joy is a published Author (4 Books), and has produced and directed a feature film that premiered in the Cinemas and now on Multichoice DSTV. Joy is prolific writer that has helped individuals and brands to find their unique voice. 

In this her Sapphital Original Course, Joy brings her experience and passion to life. 
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What You'll Learn
  • How to write your own book from start to finish
  • How to figure out your target audience
  • How to easily title and chapterize your book
  • What you need to consider when publishing your book
  • And many more experience sharing and tips and tricks.  
Who This Course Is For
  • Upcoming Authors and writers 
  • Business Professionals and Owners that need to understand how to write great stories  
  • Academicians that desire to publish high quality books and journals 
  • Students especially those in the final years of study   
  • Those working in Advertising , branding and communications
  • Anyone interested in writing

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Joy Idoko

Joy Idoko is the CEO of 100%Joy Media Productions. She is a motivational speaker, life coach, movie producer, media entrepreneur and content creator. As an astute writer, she has authored four inspiring and life changing books; School is in Session, Fill Your Cup, You Got Served and The Official Biography of Justice Alhassan Idoko. She is a people person and she is very passionate about helping people. With her I CAN and MAP Projects, Joy has been helping teenagers and adults find themselves and their purpose through illustrative stories, mentorship programs, movies and stage productions.

Patrick Jones - Course author