Introduction to Bank Credit Analysis

  • Author: Ahmed Umar Fagge
  • Level: Basic
  • Modules: 6
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Course overview
This course is designed to help you gain basic knowledge of bank credit analysis. It highlights some tips and explains why the knowledge of bank credit analysis is essential. You will learn the basic terms involved in credit analysis, and most importantly, how to fund your business. This course is for Law Firms, Multinational Corporations, Accounting Firms, Mutual Funds, Brokerage, Houses, Stock Exchanges, Insurance Companies, Consultancy Firms, Rating Agencies, and Personal Business Owners.
  • No. of Videos: 6
  • Certificate: Yes
more about this course
This is a comprehensive credit analysis course made for all types of learners with varying levels of expertise. In this course, you will gain credit knowledge on how it can be used in business and personal environments.

This course will walk you through an in-depth definition of credit analysis, the different types of credit, and how they are analysed. It begins with an introduction, then goes further to explain the path in which the course has been structured. It will serve as a guide to understanding the knowledge gap in the theory and practice of credit analysis in the country and the world at large. It also explains how a slight mistake in credit analysis can make you lose a lot of money.
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of credit analysis. You will also learn about the different ways you can use credit to fund your business, how and when to lend money, the processes involved in lending, and the parties associated with the lending process. You will also learn the different ways to fund your business.

key lessons from the course
At the end of this course, you will have gained the following:
  • Program preview
  • The fundamentals of credit analysis
  • Ways to fund your business
Happy Learning.

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Ahmed Umar Fagge

Ahmed Umar Fagge with his experience and vast knowledge in credit analysis gives you a step-by-step guide on how and when to involve investors in your business, the positive and negative impacts of investors, the advantages and disadvantages of equity. He will also take you through the two most important questions asked in lending or funding. This course is to prepare you for a more robust lesson at the intermediary stage/path of bank credit analysis. 
Patrick Jones - Course author