Marketing Communications for Small Businesses

Do you desire to reach a vast audience cost-effectively and reliably? This course will guide you on the tools and approaches that can help you make the most out of the digital marketing space. Aim to build a reputable brand. 
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What's Included

  • 4 Modules
  • Certification
  • Assessment
  • 12 Videos

About this course

It focuses on what is important when attracting customers to you and your business. 


You will discover the tools that you must build to maintain relationships.
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Until people come to know about your goods and services, you cannot sell it. Marketing Communications are techniques you can use to craft and convey promotional messages about your product to your target audience, and this course has been designed to help you get started. It guides you towards becoming a Marketing Communications expert.
The content will help you understand the concept of Corporate Identity and Branding. You can leverage on knowledge acquired to draw potential consumers towards yourself and your business.

You'll learn:
  • The Scope of Marketing Communications
  • The Tools in Marketing Communications
  • The Relationship aspect of Marketing Communication

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Course contents

Meet the instructor

Sapphital Original

This is a Sapphital Original course. This course has been carefully developed and delivered engagingly to foster learning through a collaborative effort of a team of researchers, content developers, animators, videographers, graphic designers, voice-over artists. The coming together of 100% Head, 100% Hands, 100% Heart to ensure top-quality learning.
Patrick Jones - Course author