Military Leadership in a Security-Challenged Environment in Nigeria

  • Author: LT. Gen. Farouk Yaaya
  • Level: Advanced
  • Access: Lifetime
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Course Overview
Military leadership in a security-challenged environment demands exceptional skills, adaptability, and resilience. This course is designed to provide military personnel with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in leading their teams in complex and high-risk security environments.


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More About This Course skills

Leadership is everything, particularly in the military. It involves the employment of skills and competences and it determines life and death. Every achievement is as a result of leadership. Imagine a Commander who is assigned a unit, and resources and everything required to achieve results, without leadership, success is not certain. Every aspect of life, even in the family is not without problems, and it is with leadership these problems can be resolved. The military needs to recognise the importance of leadership in the development of people and the accomplishment of set goals within an organisation or society.


At the end of this Military Leadership course, you will gain;

#1 Conceptual Clarification

We learn more about the concepts below. 
Military, Leadership, Military-Leadership, Security, Security-Challenged Environment

#2 Nigerian Security Environment

Nigerian security has faced complex security challenges owing to social, economic, political and ideological issues, some of which degenerated into intense arms struggles leading to military interventions.

#3 Levels and Functions of Military Leadership

Learn different levels and functions of a Military Leadership and how they operate.
Meet the instructor


He is a proud holder of many honours and awards. Suffice to mention, He is the commander of the Federal Republic, The Chief of Army Staff of the NIgerian Army and the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the prestigious Nigerian Army Resource Centre. He is a proud holder of several honours and awards, some of which include, Forces Service Star, Meritorious Service Star, Distinguished Service Star, Grand Service Star, Passed staff course (Dagger), National DefenceCourse (Chile), Economic Community of West Africa State Monitoring Group Medal, Command Medal, Field Command Medal, General Operations Medal, Silver Jubilee Medal and Golden Jubilee Medal.
Patrick Jones - Course author