Introduction to Modelling in Maya

An introductory course into creating your very own 3D Funko pop character using Autodesk Maya.
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What's included

  • 4 Modules
  • Certification
  • 25 Videos

About this course

It helps you get familiar with the application interface. You will learn how to apply the various tools to model in 3D.


It walks you through the creation of a 3D Funko pop character. You will see exactly how to model the individual parts of the body and clothing.
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The course begins with introduction to the Maya interface and gives details of necessary tools that you will be useful when creating a model from scratch. It will teach you how to create and manipulate geometric shapes because the modelling process involves manipulation of shapes to create objects. It take you through texturing body parts, clothing and creating the hair of your object. In this case, the object is a 3D Funko pop model. 
It is designed to get you acquainted with the process of 3D character development and animation using Autodesk Maya. The videos cover 3D modelling, detailing, and texturing so that you end up with realistic creations and sound information you can use to practice further. The knowledge can then be applied to various industries, such as video games, animations, architectural design etc.

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Course contents

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Sapphital Original

This is a Sapphital Original course. This course has been carefully developed and delivered engagingly to foster learning through a collaborative effort of a team of researchers, content developers, animators, videographers, graphic designers, voice-over artists. The coming together of 100% Head, 100% Hands, 100% Heart to ensure top-quality learning.