The History of Nigerian Presidents and Heads of State

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Course overview
This course is designed to help you learn about the pre-colonial masters, and the Nigerian Heads of States and Presidents. This course breaks down how Nigeria has evolved under diverse leadership styles.
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This short lesson is part of the Nigerian History Series - along with 2 other history micro-courses. If there's something beautiful about a people, it is the history of their leaders. Nigeria has had its fair share of different leaders that ruled at different times either as Civilians Presidents or Military Heads of State.

You will learn how it started, about dates, people, circumstances, and also touch on the 1st to 4th republic up till the year 2020 when this course was published. The animation is beautiful, localized, and you will enjoy this learning.
This micro-course is suitable for:
  • Children and Youths to teach them the philosophy of the various States in Nigeria and what they truly stand for, especially their home States.
  • The Nigerian Kids and Youths that live abroad to give them some knowledge and stories about their home country.
  • Our African brothers and sisters that want to learn more about Nigeria in a fun way
  • Adults, Parents and anyone that needs to refresh their knowledge about our dear country

Watch out for more History Lessons.

Happy Learning.  

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