Personal Finance Management

If you break your savings and have a spinout, don’t say, “Oh I’ve already started spending it, I can as well finish it!” That mindset will not be profitable in the future, because "A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart"-Jonathan Swift.
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About this course

This course focuses on the key aspects of managing your finances. It is packed with rules and ways for you to save your money and gain income.


Money doesn’t care about your regrets. MONEY is only concerned about what YOU ARE DOING NOW!
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The term personal finance is one that covers managing, saving, and investing your money. It incorporates banking, insurance, and retirement planning. We will cover these and more in this course.
Personal finance is all about being able to meet your needs. These needs could be your personal needs, family finances or even your retirement plan. 
Your income, living requirements, expenses, desires and goals are put into deep consideration when developing a sustainable plan to fulfill those needs. 
You'll learn:
- What Personal Finance Management is all about
- Money habits you must covet
- Rules of the game

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Patrick Jones - Course author