Social Etiquette

I will give you a formula you can use to gracefully handle all sorts of situations. Embodying these rules will make you an admirable person that demands respect from colleagues, family, and friends. Learn how to boost personal image, civility, and manners, while promoting kindness, thoughtfulness, and humility.
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What's Included

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About this course

This course focuses on boosting personal image, civility, and manners. Etiquette promotes kindness, thoughtfulness, and humility. It also gives you the confidence to cope with various situations in life.


Etiquette is the formula we can use to gracefully handle any situation best, and following the steps in this course will not only help you make a great impression but also create the impression that people can connect with and look up to at all times.
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In social, technical, and family contexts, the foundation of proper etiquette is behaviour that is recognized as gracious and respectful. In many facets of life, good manners can mean the difference between success and failure. Every culture needs to know and exhibit proper etiquette.
You'll learn:
  • How to act accordingly in your workplace

  • How to observe proper outing etiquette

  • How to prevent your cell phone from being a distraction

  • How to observe proper etiquette on the dining table

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Course contents

Meet the instructor

Ejura M. Odaudu

Ejura is a professional etiquette consultant, editor, life coach, and positive attitude advocate. She is also a youth expert, passionate about sharing her knowledge on etiquette. 
Patrick Jones - Course author