The Imperative for Reform 

 The imperative for reform refers to the need for continuous improvement and adaptation within the military institution to ensure its effectiveness in achieving its objectives.
These include improvements in leadership, training, technology, strategy, and tactics.

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Course Description

Military reform is often necessary due to changes in the geopolitical landscape, advances in technology, and evolving threats.
Effective military reform requires a comprehensive approach that involves all levels of the military institution, including leadership, personnel, and infrastructure. It also requires a willingness to challenge existing assumptions and practices and to adopt new strategies and tactics as needed.

Overall, the imperative for reform is about ensuring that the military institution remains relevant, effective, and capable of fulfilling its mission in a constantly changing world.
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What you will gain from this course

  • Recognizing the importance of ongoing reform within the military institution.
  • Understanding the goals and aim of the National Defence Academy
  • Knowledge of the Academic Branch's function in training cadets for military duty
  • Knowing how military training contributes to operational readiness and mission success
  • Understanding the potential obstacles to military reform implementation
  • Developing tactics for reducing disruption and managing change during the reform process

Course contents

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