Course Overview

The Power of Visibility

The impact of showcasing one's skills, talents, and accomplishments to a larger audience is referred to as the Power of Visibility. It entails developing a strong personal and professional brand, being proactive in self-promotion, and being acknowledged as an expert in one's field. The goal is to raise one's visibility in order to attract new opportunities, recognition, and success.

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More About The Course

The Power of Visibility course aims to teach learners how to successfully market themselves and create a powerful brand.

Additionally, the course  will also explore the importance of being proactive, confident, and authentic in promoting oneself and  also  discover how to create content that gets you not just likes or comments but more importantly gives your personal and professional brand a global visibility.

This course will be presented through engaging lessons which will help you the learner  acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to improve your visibility, seize new chances, and succeed in both personal and professional life.

Learning Outcome

  • Knowledge of personal branding and marketing strategies.
  • Skill in creating impactful content for personal and professional promotion.
  • Understanding of the importance of authenticity and confidence in personal promotion.
  • Knowledge of personal branding and marketing strategies.
  • Knowledge of how to leverage social media for personal and professional visibility.
  • Understanding of how to project a professional image online and offline.
  • Improved confidence in self-promotion and self-presentation.
The first 60 seconds is crucial when you go live
Naomi Osemedua

Course Lessons

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Discover the secrets to building engagement with your audience

To really attract people, you need to tell genuine and interesting stories.
Meet the instructor

           Naomi Osemedua

Naomi Osemedua is a Renowned Coach, National Transformation Strategist and Global speaker who has been featured in High impact events and spoken on stages across Four Continents. She is passionate about Human Capacity Development and loves to speak with humour, using real life stories to keep her audience captivated. She has also been listed as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women 2020. She is fondly called the SPARKLE QUEEN, as she sprinkles her “Sparkle Effect” on everything she touches. As the CEO of the CentreStage Company - she is on a mission to help driven entrepreneurs turn their stories to profits and impact their world like only they can.

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