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Peace of Mind - Understanding Microinsurance and Takaful for Small Businesses (Pidgin Version)

This course na for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) for Nigeria, their owners, their employees, and the general public.


9 modules


11 videos

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40 minutes


1 Certificate

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Una welcome to this very simple and interesting course on Insurance for Small Businesses - wey dem dey call Microinsurance. This course go teach you about how you go fit use insurance take protect your business and enjoy peace of mind. With insurance, you no go ever lose your source of income again.

Plenty examples wey you fit relate with dey inside this course. You go enjoy am. Watch am reach the end and learn, when you finish, you go get Certificate of Completion. That certificate dey very important.

This course get the backing of the Oga Kpatakpata for Insurance matters for Nigeria – the National Insurance Commission wey dem dey call NAICOM. 

You go learn the following when the course don finish:
  • Wetin Risks be 
  • Wetin Insurance be
  • How insurance dey work for Nigeria
  • How e take benefit you and your business
  • How you go take make sure say e work for you

Happy Learning!

Endorsed by NAICOM

This course get the blessing of the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM). Na dem be the oga kpatakpata for Insurance matters in Nigeria. Na the National Insurance Commission Act 1997 establish NAICOM in 1997 make dem dey ensure the effective administration, supervision, regulation and control of insurance matters for Nigeria and to dey protect insurance policyholders, beneficiaries and third parties to insurance contracts.  
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