Understanding Ultrasound in Pregnancy 

This course is both a beginners’ guide and an expert's cheat to understanding ultrasounds. We’ll delve into the main principles behind this important technology. Starting with key features and working our way through the science behind the process. You'll learn about clinical applications of an ultrasound scan from the perspective of the patient.
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What's Included

  • 4 Modules
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  • 12 Videos

About this Course 

This course is a walk-through of the technology and processes of ultrasound. From the initial conception through to the third trimester, and the different types of ultrasound done at each stage of the pregnancy.


From Bump to Baby and Beyond.
Ultrasounds may be done for non-medical reasons, such as to produce images for the parents or to determine the sex of the baby. Even more so, your doctor might order more ultrasounds if they’ve detected a problem in previous ultrasounds or blood tests.
Pregnancy ultrasounds provide your doctor with plenty of valuable information. The results allow them to monitor your baby’s growth, detect abnormalities, predict your due date, determine whether you’re carrying multiples, see the position of your placenta, and make out the sex of your baby. 
Understand the basic principles of ultrasound in pregnancy.
You'll learn
  • The female reproductive system
  • The first trimester of pregnancy
  • How to check amniotic fluid levels

Happy learning. 

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Seno Uyai Obasi

A qualified medical imaging scientist, I work at Wuse District Hospital. I have a Bachelor’s degree in radiography from the university of Maiduguri, Nigeria and a Masters degree from the University of Leeds, England.
Patrick Jones - Course author