Video Production 101 

Think back to your favorite movie, what was it that caught your attention?
  • Was it the camera angles? 
  • Maybe it was more on the frames of each scene.
  • You could even say it was the story line of the movie. 
  • Or was it the sound or picture quality?
A great video/movie brings all of these elements together and more and leaves the audience captivated. This course teaches the step-by-step process of producing quality and multifunctional videos for yourself, your family and friends and of course your clients.
We would set you on a journey to becoming one of the best in the media world.

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About the Course
Have you ever watched your favorite movie and thought: “How did they make this epic piece of work?” If you’re on this page right now, chances are that you have or you want to start video production. The truth is that video production is way more than just pointing a camera and pressing the record button. It is really about figuring out the best way to use tools available to tell a story in a very powerful and compelling way (just like your favorite movie).

Know your Camera and Lenses

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Key Takeaways
  • The best setting on the exposure triangle to achieve desireed results on your videos.
  • An understanding of what lenses work best for different shots and angles, so as to leave the final result in its most creative form.
  • How to produce eye catchy videos for yourself, friends and family, and most importantly for your clients.
  • You would be able to start a career for yourself in one of the most lucrative creative industries. 
  • Handling your camera to ensure longevity; you would go through series of methods to take care of your camera and other equipments to prevent damage.

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Have you ever watched your favourite movie and thought: “How did they make this epic piece of work?” if you’re taking this course right now, chances are that you have, and you want to start video production.  
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Course contents

Unlock a new level of engagement and connect more with your social media audience

Who This Course Is For
  • Cinematographers
  • Video Content Creators
  • Young creatives
  • Graduates
  • Freelancers

Kwale Abdullahi

Senior, Production manager

Ezumah Kelechi

Art Director

Uduma Obinna

Head of Production
Kelechi is a talented tech-oriented, creative and multimedia master who has been in the industry of cinematography and video production for the last few years. Although he has a degree in Computer Science, his love for the camera led him into different career paths. Now he leads a team of experienced cinematographers and video producers (Chinenye, Obinna, Abddullahi- Moneyman), and together they create Magic! There is no better team that could have put together this masterpiece.