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Imo Digital Academy for Youths and Women

The Rochas Foundation is sponsoring 10,000 Women and Youths from Imo State to take courses online and earn a Certificate signed by his Excellency, Senator Rochas Okorocha. 

Accelerate your readiness for the future taking these free courses and together, let's make Imo State truly Digital State. 
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What you will learn

Creativity and how to generate new ideas for business and for personal life
Understanding how to become a Digital Entrepreneur and how to succeed in that space
The power of building a business that has trust and authenticity in the digital space
How to generally become more digital and have bragging rights 
Each course comes with a Certificate of Completion which you can share on Social Media and include in your CV now and when you graduate

Your Courses

The following courses have been carefully selected for you to learn vital skills needed for today's world. 

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Leadership Development and Humanitarian Services.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha is passionate for positive change; a multiple award winner for his visible impacts in the areas of youth empowerment, leadership development and humanitarian services.

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Selfless service to humanity.

He is one of the youngest recipients of the prestigious Henry Dunant Gold Medal of the Red Cross Society for his selfless service to humanity. And also an awardee of the coveted Nigerian Youth Leadership Award of LEAP Africa & Int’l Youth Foundation, USA.

Your Scholarship

Applies to the First 5,000 students to enroll

About Sapphital Learning

Online learning has become an essential part of our society today and Nigerians are not left behind. Sapphital is one of the leading Digital Learning Companies, for Nigerians by Nigerians. Sapphital is a member of the Star Sapphire Group and over the last 11 years has supported more than 60 Top institutions in Nigeria to go digital. On the Sapphital Platform, 1000s of learners from across Nigeria and indeed Nigerians in diaspora are gaining skills and knowledge to stay relevant in today's world. Our Certificate of Completion is recognized by companies and Government institutions. 

After claiming your scholarship, take time to learn, explore the Sapphital Site and become a member of the online community and expect more benefits in the Future. 

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