The Sapphital

Summer Internship
2021 is Canceled

Due to rapidly escalating health concerns relating to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), The 2021 SUMMER Internship, has been canceled.
The skills we need for the future are changing and Sapphital is offering youths and teenagers a Super Fun and Educative time this summer. Enroll today for the Sapphital Summer Internship and lets learn together, share together and make magic together. 

August 9-27, 2021
Sapphital Studios, Central Area, Abuja

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Skills Covered

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Personal Development 

Learn Self awareness, self management, positive attitude and productivity skills.  
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Creative Production (Video, Photo and Editing)

From Camera handling to lenses, lighting, shooting and editing, you will learn and actually produce and edit  a short film in groups.  
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Sound and Music Production

This is one of the fun parts. We will learn and make songs together in our studio.  
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Get your hands dirty and learn at least one craft and show your friends the stuff that lie within. 
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Drone Piloting

Take to the skies with our Drones - Code-named Eagle 001 and Eagle 002. Nobody misses this highpoint. 
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Business & Enterpreneurship

This is our favorite. We show the real side of starting, networking and running a business and lay the foundation for Africa's future CEOs.  

So Much More !!! and Special Prizes to be won individually and in groups. 

Payment - Free 

The actual training is fully Sponsored by Sapphital and is absolutely free. Should you wish for us to provide feeding, the cost for 3weeks is N48,000.00 per person covering Lunch and Tea Breaks, water and drinks. Should you bring your food and drinks, you may not pay for this.

How to Enroll

If you are below 18 years of age, kindly ask your parents or guardians to enroll you by clicking the Parents button below. 
Enrollment closes August 6, 2021

Guidelines for Teens and Parents

We maintain Covid-19 Protocols

Age Limit: 12-18 Years

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2018 Summer Interns with the Executive Director, Business Development, NEXIM Bank, Hon. Stella Okotete.