POC Education & Empowerment Programme (PEEP)

Empowering a better life for 1 million POCa

POC Education & Empowerment Programme (PEEP)

Empowering a better life for 1 million POCs

POC Education and Empowerment Programme (PEEP)


Combining traditional and digital learning methods to empower1 Million POCs across Nigeria and Africa. 

Programme Overview

PEEP is a Project designed to give 1,000,000 POCs access to learning opportunities, allowing them to gain skills and knowledge to successfully integrate back into society and find meaningful employment or start a business. This project will combine traditional skill acquisition techniques with the power of Digital Technology to deliver quality education and learning, without borders, to POCs and individuals in Nigeria and across Africa. 

Our mission is to ensure every POC has an improved chance of earning a Living. 

Programme Objectives

At the end of this POC Education and Empowerment Programme (PEEP), the learners would have gained the following:

  • Relevant skills and knowledge in key areas of life and business
  • Become members of the POC Learning Community with added benefits
  • Earn certificates of completion that can be showcased to the world
  • Improved chances of integration back to society 
  • Increased opportunities to earn a Living

Reduce the number of POCs stranded in Camps and shelters and integrate them into the society 


20% Physical and 80% Virtual


Individually and in groups


6-12 Months to cover all Modules

Course Work

4 Modules 
36 Lessons

Programme Modules

For ease of learning, tracking and reporting, this programme has been put into four (4) Modules.

All learners MUST take Module 1 and then select from the 1 from the other modules. 

1. Personal Development Courses

2. Creative and Media Skills 

3. Digital and Computer Literacy

4. Business & Entrepreneurship 

The Courses under each module is shown below

MODULE 1. Personal Effectiveness 

The learners will learn those soft skills that will make them effective and successful. They will maintain better relationships and lay foundation for a better future.

  • Networking Skills 
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Esteem 
  • Mindset your Mind 
  • Presentation and Communication
  • Storytelling for Success
  • Anger Management 
  • Writing and Secretarial Skills
  • Much more...

MODULE 2. Media and Creative Design Skills

With these skills, learners are ready to become great freelancers, or start their own studios, or become content producers or even get decent jobs. 

  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Sound and Audio Production
  • Graphics Design
  • Animation with After Effects
  • Introduction to Modeling in Maya
  • Introduction to Storyboarding for Film and Animation
  • Digital Character Illustration
  • Photography Skills 
  • Introduction to Game Development 

MODULE 3. Digital and Computer Literacy 

These courses will prepare learners to be very relevant in today's workplace and society. They will be able to use a computer to do so many things for themselves and their businesses.

  • Using Google Effectively 
  • Computer Appreciation
  • Digital Literacy
  • Staying Safe Online 
  • Browsing the Internet 
  • Tools for Personal Productivity
  • Tools for Business Productivity  
  • Microsoft Packages
  • UI and UX Design
  • Web Design Skills

MODULE 4. Business and Entrepreneurship 

As part of the package, learners will receive training on how to start a business, run a business and make money from the business. We will show them some businesses to start with little capital especially in today's digital world. 

  • Registering a Business in Nigeria
  • Business Planning and Research 
  • Raising Money for your Business
  • Keeping basic records
  • Easy Accounting for your Businesses 
  • Sales and Marketing Skills 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Business you can start with little capital 
  • Customer Services Skills

Exams and Certificates

For proper Monitoring and Evaluation, all Modules and selected courses come with Exams and Certificate of Completion. Learners must pass the exams before the certificate will be made available to them. 

How it works - 3 Easy Steps 

Our Goal is to train 1,000,000 POCs, their caregivers, teachers, and employees of partner organizations involved in humanitarian efforts in the next 36 Months. The process is simple and seamless. 
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Step 1 - Acquire Licences

Our partners decide how many licences to acquire at any given time. 

Step 3 - They start learning 

They commence learning as individuals, or as supervised groups. 

Step 2 - Enroll the Learners

The POCs and other learners are then registered on the platform. 

Programme Samples

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Develop your professional skills

The first step to improving your life as a POC is to change your mindset and remove those limiting beliefs. Mindset Mastery Masterclass teaches leaners how to cultivate a growth mindset  and achieve personal and professional goals. This masterclass covers a wide range of topics, including the power of positive thinking, the habits of highly successful people, goal setting techniques, and much more. 

The Art of Soap Making

Ever desired to make your own soap? Ever thought of starting a soap business and growing your revenues? Well this course has been structured to fulfill that desire of yours. It provides all the necessary information and knowledge you need to 'Become a Soap Making Guru in 14 days'. 
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See for Yourself

Let us show you a few samples of what the POCs will learn. These are just courses introductions and trailers. 
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Learn the Art of Making

Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals
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Develop your professional skills

Learn how to create amazing products
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The secrets of language

The skills you need to become a real professional
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Become a better professional

Boost your confidence, master the field

We need your Support  

Make a Difference today !!!

Will give one POC unlimited access to all courses, live classes, exams and certificates for one full year 

And our Goal is 1,000,000 learners in the next 2 years. 

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Courses In Business

Courses In Business

Self Development Courses

Courses In Hausa

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