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Month-to-Month, Back-to-Back productions at the Sapphital Studios. No slowing down. Join us to welcome our new instructors to the family. More courses are cooking, just for you. 

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The All-in-One Social Media Marketing - by Femi Popoola

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Why did we pick this course as our favorite? Why this instructor - Femi Popoola? This is one of those courses that you say - Dem finish Work. When we started a few months ago, we knew it was going to be a mind-blowing experience - the passion, the rigor that Femi brings, the contents, the delivery and of course his Swag and smiles.

WE highly recommend this Course - it is a first of its kind in Nigeria. 

This course will launch your digital marketing career, influence goals, grow your business or promote a cause like Non-profits. Acquire a skill for your current job or for foreign gigs.

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How to Author your Own Book - by Joy Idoko

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Whenever Joy shows up at the studio, everyone is happy. We love the positive vibes, the smiles and she will share one life lesson or experience that will inspire you. She's a natural. She was referred by another instructor Eki Agorom (Course - The Art of Soap Making).

Joy is a published author (4 Books), motivational speaker, life coach, movie producer, media entrepreneur and content creator. 
Her first Course - How to Author your Own Book is a Masterpiece. The production was rigorous and Joy has a thousand ideas in her head . You will love this course.  

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Basic BeeKeeping - by Oluwaseun Johnson

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This month, we're starting with a classic, natural, and thrilling course.

Oluwaseun has become a household name thanks to his extensive expertise, understated technique, enthusiasm, in-depthness, and knowledge. It felt like a natural talent every time he opened his lips to speak about bees. We love his enthusiastic demeanor. He's been in the beekeeping industry for nearly twelve years and has travelled as a beekeeping ambassador across a few continents - Asia, Europe, and Africa.
We've designed this course with the renowned Entomologist, Beekeeper, to provide students with additional professional knowledge to genuinely motivate and elevate their skills to the next level.
In this masterclass on Basic Beekeeping, Oluwaseun Johnson will teach you all you need to know about beekeeping.

More languages coming soon. 

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