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New courses added every week as instructors go digital with their lessons. There is a course for everyone.  

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The Sapphital Magic
Unlock your true potential with our extensive range of courses that cover everything from makeup and songwriting to 3D modelling and corporate branding courses online. At Sapphital, we encourage you to deepen existing passions, explore new skills, and accomplish real growth.

So, what separates us from the rest? We’re the leading online learning platform designed specifically for African learn. We offer curated courses in Hausa, English, and other local languages that are designed to enhance comprehension and maximize learning.

We feature incredible instructors that are experts and icons in their industries, so you learn from the best in the business. Whether you’re looking to learn Korean for beginners or find educative African stories for kids, our instructors excel at designing and delivering courses that can be easily understood by the intended audience.

Our courses are designed to deliver learning anywhere and at any time. Take these classes at your own pace without disrupting your schedule. Unsure where to get started? Start browsing trending courses in Nigeria for more inspiration. 
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