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With Dr. Megor
I am a medical doctor who has been actively involved in health care, community service and development for over a decade, with a special focus on Early Childhood Development(ECD).
I am committed to challenging ineffective stereotypes and developing innovative, homegrown solutions to global challenges which are pragmatic and applicable in the African context.
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Learn . Unlearn . Relearn

Megor IKUENOBE is a Medical Doctor, Early Childhood Care & Development Specialist and Family Strategist.

She has been involved in healthcare and community development initiatives for over a decade. She is the Founder & Executive Director of Lead Oak Women and Children Foundation, co-founder of CECD Africa, and the brain behind the EDUPLAY Africa project, launchedin February 2020, building educational playgrounds for children in public schools in Edo State, Nigeria.
A recipient of several awards, she is a Mandela Washington Fellow, and was recently selected as one of top 20 young female leaders in Nigeria by the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria.
Megor is passionate about living a fruitful life, marriage & family, so she offers consulting services to help people create the life & family of their dreams.

As the convener of the Parental Support Workshop, ‘ECD FOR MUMS’, she uses social media as a tool to educate parents and caregivers on their health and wellbeing as well as that of their children. She teaches “what to do, what not to do, and when to go to the hospital”.

Dr Megor is committed to challenging ineffective stereotypes and developing innovative, homegrown solutions to development issues which are effective in the African context.


Busting Myths

This course is a 21st century Afrocentric, evidence based online course focusing on postpartum mother, neonatal and infant care.
It examines old wife’s tales, medical facts, popular myths, cultural African practices and frequently asked questions on mother and baby care after delivery. It will help you navigate the post-partum period like a pro even if you are a first time mum!

Sapphital for Organizations

We work with private and Government institutions to deploy Digital Learning Platforms and Digital Learning Contents that transform the way  employees learn, share knowledge and track their learning journeys. 
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