Big Challenges, need Great people

Our Vision - "Take Learning to every Community in Africa".  
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Learn . Unlearn . Relearn

Diversity at its Best

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Our Values - Courage, Excellence, Love, Loyalty, Open0mindedness. We believe in Love and Equality for all. 

Designed and built for everyone

In Africa, learning a skill, or acquiring knowledge can make a huge difference in people's careers, livelihood and families. Sapphital is the online learning platform with a broad array of courses for African Learners, in English and local languages. On Sapphital, instructors are meeting learners everyday and sharing knowledge. There's a course for everyone. 
Work here is overflowing. There's always something to do that is exciting. When we say we want to make a dent on the continent of Africa, we mean it. How can you go 2 years and never get bored. I love my job, I love my team members, I love Sapphital. 


Sapphital is connecting people and creating employment and wealth for youths, mothers, families, and communities. Everything we do is for Nigeria and Africa and our courses are changing lives. 


Strategic Partnership with the Federal Government 

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The SME Digital Academy

In partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), we developed and launched the 1st ever SME Digital Academy to Educate, Empower and Elevate millions of MSMEs in Nigeria and across Africa.  
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The Lorewa Academy

Lorewa is the first Online Learning Platform developed by Women, Taught by Women for Women in native Hausa Language. Lorewa is for the Arewa woman that has the desire to either teach or learn something new. Lorewa is addressing SDGs No 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 & 10 and will lift Arewa women, their families, and communities into the Digital Era, creating sustainable wealth.  

Sapphital Office Tour

We have one of the largest e-learning production studios in Nigeria, located at the Central Business District, the heart of Abuja. From Animations, to Videos, Sound, Designs, Digitalization, we produce it all. Working with our instructors, what we do everyday is transforming the life of someone out there. 

Our Instructors

We have partnered with passionate and top-quality individuals who are happy to share knowledge and their life lessons to help build a better world. 
Turn your passion and knowledge into impact and income. 60% of our external instructors are women. Becoming a Sapphital Instructor is free, it's fun, it's seamless. 

Affiliate Partners

We Collaborate with various Agency to bring out the best in them

Sapphital for Organizations

We work with private and Government institutions to deploy Digital Learning Platforms and Digital Learning Contents that transform the way  employees learn, share knowledge and track their learning journeys. 
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