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Learn . Unlearn . Relearn

Designed and built for everyone

In Africa, learning a skill, or acquiring knowledge can make a huge difference in people's careers, livelihood and families. Sapphital is the online learning platform with a broad array of courses for African Learners, in English and local languages. On Sapphital, instructors are meeting learners everyday and sharing knowledge. There's a course for everyone. 
Taking online classes has been a major benefit to me. The instructors are supportive and responsible in returning emails.

Fatima Suleiman

I would like to thank my instructors for their continuous support. The courses were challenging and well laid out.

Olufemi Afolabi


Sapphital Office Tour

We have one of the largest e-learning production studios in Nigeria, located at the Central Business District, the heart of Abuja. From Animations, to Videos, Sound, Designs, Digitalization, we produce it all. Working with our instructors, what we do everyday is transforming the life of someone out there. 

Sapphital for Organizations

We work with private and Government institutions to deploy Digital Learning Platforms and Digital Learning Contents that transform the way  employees learn, share knowledge and track their learning journeys. 
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