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Sapphital is connecting instructors and teachers across Africa, with learners of all ages. From entrepreneurship, to agriculture, home care, personal development, technical skills and more, Sapphital has a course for you. Our courses reflect the uniqueness of Nigeria and Africa and are beautifully produced locally, with Videos, Animations, Gaming and Music.

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All na Packaging - A Digital Guide for Small Businesses
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This course is really popular among Small Business Owners across Nigeria because it is delivered in local Pidgin language and covers the basics of going digital for micro businesses to increase sales and profits.  

Teaching with Passion

Our 100+ instructors are not just experts and fun-lovers in their fields, they are passionate about societal impact and value creation.  
Turn your passion and knowledge into impact and income. Becoming a Sapphital Instructor is free, it's fun, it's seamless. 

Hear from satisfied learners 

Ivuoma Okoronkwo

DALLAS, united states
I and my brother have taken several courses on Sapphital. The quality is great, the production is cool. It feels good to have an African option to Skillshare, Coursera and Linkedin Learning.   

Maryam (@AlhanIslam)

Sapphital is creating something big for Africa - connecting teachers and students. 


My Dad got me my first course on Sapphital in 2019 - Something on Nigerian History. I enjoyed learning about Nigeria and the animations were awesome and so traditional. I have taken 3 more courses since then. I totally recommend this platform to my US friends.    


I did a summer camp with Sapphital in 2018. I participated in the building of the Sex-Ed Course as a young voice artist in 2019. I have taken several courses on Sapphital. The platform is beautiful though I expect to see more kids contents in the future. Go Sapphital. 
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