In-Demand Soft Skills for 2021

Employers are looking for specific skills when hiring in 2021 and beyond. Your soft skills are as important as the core technical skills you possess and may just be the differentiating factor when the jobs start coming back. Are you learning these skills? 
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Connecting Instructors with Learners across Africa

We are giving African teachers and instructors the platform and structure to go digital and teach online. We are equally giving Learners, Schools, Institutions and Communities the platform and digital contents to learn online. If you have something to teach, 1000s out there need that knowledge. 

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Course Title: Infant - Child CPR & AED

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This course had the highest request over the last week especially from Moms groups. Infact it's been one of our highest trending course in the last 6 months simply because these are times when parents and caregivers are becoming more and more aware of the need to be prepared to save a little one's life.  

Course of the Week

The Smart Hustler Game Plan

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As we begin to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing is certain - more people will become entrepreneurs. The economic recovery of the world and Africa will depend on these people succeeding. That success requires a different mentality - one that understands how the streets operate. This course breaks down the hustle, gives local case studies and the much needed lessons to start up, beat your competition, make profits and grow your business.       

Teaching with Passion

Our 100+ instructors are not just experts and fun-lovers in their fields, they are passionate about societal impact and value creation.  
Turn your passion and knowledge into impact and income. Becoming a Sapphital Instructor is free, it's fun, it's seamless. 

Hear from satisfied learners 

Ivuoma Okoronkwo

HOUSTON, united states
I and my brother have taken several courses on Sapphital. The quality is great, the production is cool. It feels good to have an African option to Skillshare, Coursera and Linkedin Learning.   

Mohammed Mohammed

After taking a couple courses on Sapphital, I thought the platform was quite user friendly and very easy to navigate. It is also nice to be part of an online learning community that brings it all the way home. It feels nice to part of something big.

Ruth Olasupo

As a business owner and Corporate Executive, I and my team take the personal development and business courses on Sapphital. Sometimes we try the creative courses like Photography for your Products. The courses are well developed with reputable instructors and localized examples.  Don't relent, Nigeria is proud to have a platform this good.


I did a summer camp with Sapphital in 2018. I participated in the building of the Sex-Ed Course as a young voice artist in 2019. I have taken several courses on Sapphital. The platform is beautiful though I expect to see more kids contents in the future. Go Sapphital. 
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Refer people to Sapphital and earn up to 20% of every course they buy. 
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It's hot and fresh! 

The Sapphital Affiliate Program is here

Refer people to Sapphital and earn up to 20% of every course they buy. 

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